Advisors Only

Advisors Only

Your clients need your expertise and advice in putting together their financial plan.  Whether you are a financial advisor, insurance advisor, attorney, CPA/accountant, or trust officer, each of you knows your area of expertise.  In the end, any financial plan requires a team effort to do what’s best for the client.

Long term care planning is all about helping a person maintain financial independence, control and having choices (like staying at home) should long term care services be needed.  It also brings comfort and peace of mind to family members.

Long term care insurance is our area of expertise.  We can assist you in educating your client on how long term care insurance works, types of policies, and designing a policy that’s appropriate for their needs and budget.

We are completely independent and our goal is to help people secure their financial future from the risks of long term care costs.  We work only for the best interests of the client.

Long term care insurance planning involves different stages:


Health review  A process to “pre-screen” or “pre-qualify” someone to see if long term care insurance can be an option.  This is a key stage that is often ignored at the client’s peril.

Preparation of custom quotes and review with client.  Re-design quotes, if needed

Process of submitting application and monitoring underwriting.

Presenting offer and consulting with client and his or her advisors.  Re-design policy, if needed.

We have access to the major long term care insurance companies.  Our job is to work and be an advocate for your clients.

Financial Advisors

I value my financial consultant’s assistance with my investment planning.

What I have noticed is that my consultant’s advice has been limited to helping me grow my assets…which of course is his area of expertise.  However, clients also want to be sure their assets are not threatened by the devastating costs of potential future long term care expenses.

If long term care risk protection is not your area of expertise, working through you we can assist your client in long term insurance planning.

Many financial advisors protect their own assets under management by offering their clients appropriate insured risk-protection solutions.  If you’re not, someone else probably is (or will be) and they may likely be full-service financial advisors.

Insurance Advisors

Just like financial advisors, you probably have an area of expertise whether it’s offering life or disability insurance, health or property & casualty insurance.  If you’re not offering long term care insurance, let us assist.  You are the quarterback and we will work through you to provide the appropriate long term care insurance solution.  Your clients will thank you.


Estate planning advice along with the preparation and execution of key estate planning documents is a critical part of any financial plan.  We would welcome the opportunity to educate and assist your clients in their long term care planning working through you.


Providing tax advice and planning to your clients is an essential part of their ongoing financial planning.  Long term care insurance can offer certain tax incentives to your clients such as possible tax deductions if a qualified traditional long term care insurance policy (not true for a so-called “hybrid” policy).  Also long term care insurance benefits are received by the policy owner on a tax-favored basis.

Let us assist you in educating your clients on the value of long term care planning and possible insurance-based solutions.

Trust Officers

As a trusted advisor of your clients and overseer of their trust assets, it’s important that those assets also be protected against what could be significant future long term care costs.  Working with and through you, we can offer guidance and help educate your clients on long term care planning and possible insurance-based solutions.

As mentioned, doing “pre-screening” or “pre-qualification” with an applicant before any formal application is submitted to an insurance company is critical.  It’s important that your clients work with a qualified advisor who can provide them with independent and objective advice.

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